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EzWay Desert MirageFlage (5/5) Mar 6, 2017 Facio Flint Mi US
  I admit at 1st it was a little intimidated with all the dif colors, chemicals and stencils. I decided to use my old PF9 as a guinea pig. It had been stolen, then recovered by leo and returned to me all rusty and beat up looking so it was perfect to pop my duracoat cherry. Detail stripped the entire pistol, sandblasted slide, tru stripped lower/frame and went to town on it. The finished product amazed me!! I wasnt expecting it to turn out so nice! I had a problem with the stencils not sticking very good on my grip with the raised squares, indents, and textures but mostly everything worked fine. It did take awhile for me to balance my DC to hardener ratio since I was only mixing an oz or less at a time but with the internet I was able to find a cpl good sites that broke down the volume in tea&table spoons so I didnt waste any of my product. I think Duracoat is a great way to refinish, spruce up, camo or customize your guns and I highly recomend to anybody that wants to make their weapons look badass. Also customer service is awesome! I emailed with questions and was replied to within a short amount of time, thats what makes a difference to a lot of ppl is being able to communicate with sales ppl or technicians... Good stuff... Facio

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