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great product (5/5) Jun 15, 2013 Anonymous ca
  Super easy to use and looks great! I needed some finish that would protect my handmade knives from rusting, and was durable enough to withstand abuse, but also easy enough to apply in my garage.
Excellent (5/5) Jun 16, 2013 Christopher Hancock Vine Grove Ke US
  Fantastic products easy to use if you follow the directions you can not go wrong. Wish I could post a picture of my 1911 looks better than when it was new.
Shake N Bake (5/5) Feb 23, 2013 Dale Stone Lavonia Ge US
  Although I consider myself an amateur, I have had no problems using this product. I have refinished two barrels with two different color kits and was rewarded with two great results. Metal preparation is critical and spraying several light coats give a smooth, even finish. I do the baking in a conventional oven and it produces a very durable finish. I am well pleased with the process and the results. I've ordered another color for another project.
nice finish! (5/5) Dec 22, 2012 dan Ka US
  it was just as i expected. simply shake, spray, and bake. it went on easy and seems to be very tough. i recommend it.
Great Product (5/5) Jul 23, 2013 Elmo Anderson Pahrump Ne US
  Was easy to use and resulted in a great finish!
works well so far (4/5) Oct 8, 2013 Evan Sata Northridge Ca US
  pretty easy to use, plenty to go around, one thing though, hang your parts to spray, bake then re-hang to cool. if you leave a piece laying on something where it will cool unevenly, the finish can get messed up. also the longer you bake, the more matte it will be and it will slightly lighten the color.
Shake N Bake (5/5) Jul 17, 2016 George Lucas Junction City KS US
  This was the best and easiest way to add just the right touch of color to my latest build. You get the cleaner/degreaser and your paint with simple, easy to follow instructions. The coated parts came out as close to perfect as you could want. You should try the Shake N Bake on your next build, you'll be glad you did.
Use this finish! (5/5) Mar 10, 2013 Jack Herrell St. Libory NE US
  This is fantastic stuff. I just refinished 2 of my black powder revolvers, and I couldn't be happier. I used the "Parker" finish, and would have a problem distinguishing the finish from a professional parkerizing job. I highly recommend this product, and will be buying it again.
James Poland (5/5) Oct 10, 2013 James Poland Branchla d We US
  Orderd this on the 8th and was at my door 11:42am the 10th. Super awsome and now know where and who to come to for all my supplies. Thanks Guys!!!
Jeff (4/5) Aug 24, 2014 Jeffrey Guidry Bagdad Ke US
  I'm an experienced painter, and as a first time user of Duracoat, found this application to be pretty straight forward. Application was on an AK-47 parts kit. The receiver, dust cover and selector lever all came out beautifully! Smooth finish, matt black and rock hard! The stainless steel barrel didn't cure as well; however, this was likely due to operator error: I believe the application was too heavy.

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