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Fast professional finish (5/5) Sep 14, 2013 John Beck Ma US
  I just finished up some 80% AR15 Lowers and needed to get something on them to protect the aluminum. I don't have the expertise to anodize so I started looking at the baked on finishes. I chose Oxide (Black) DuraBake and simply followed the directions.

Degreased the lowers, sprayed a nice even coat of Durabake over them. Let them set up for about 15-20 minutes, and then popped them into my $15 Thrift store toaster oven at 350 degrees F for 20 minutes.

My lowers came out looking very similar to other professionally finished lowers. They look great. I'll use Durabake whenever I need to finish up a firearm, or other metal surface!

Great stuff, I'm a fan for life!
matt black (5/5) Dec 9, 2013 john torbert Lynchburg Vi US
  A little thinner than I expected. Best results were a light quick mist from 14" away, let dry & repeat until it is covered. Turned out great once I had the method down. Found that a gasoline soaked rag will take it off even after it has air dried. 6oz can goes much further than I expected.
The Best (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Judith Ladner Mayer Ar US
  My husband & I run a small gunsmith business and build True Airsoft Gas operated trainers ( not gaming zinc toys) for Law Enforcement, Military and Global Security. In our business we have found that over 50% ends up being refinishing the weapon or training unit. My husband has been a gunsmith for 30 years in civilian life and 35plus years for the Navy. His only "shake & Bake" back then was a slate gray spray can from a well known gun supplier. It was very good and durable. That said, we discovered Dura Coat and have used it exclusively. It is the most durable and the metal protection is the best we have seen, if.... applied correctly.

You can wipe down or use the grease cutter spray and rough-up the metal then apply with a mid-range Air Brush for good results. However... if you plan on perfect & lasting results get a simple grit blaster and a good air compressor from "Harbor Tool". Then get a water trap filter and a quality Air Brush plus a mid-range spray gun for AR-15 receivers and larger projects. Keep the Air Brush for slides or parts work. For the part time user the Air Brush will tempt you to "over-coat". The mid-range spray gun will do all in 2 passes done right. Remember, steel wool & the Dura Coat grease cutter works well for very light projects. Also the darkest matte finish will show the condition of the metal & finish under your Dura Coat job. With a Blaster you can remove all the old paint or finish. For the softer cast aircraft grade aluminum used in the Airsoft trainers we will use walnut media. However on a real weapon slide if the customer wants a real dark matte finish we use bead blast to create the stipple on the metal. With the correctly prepared metal the Dura Coat becomes like factory finish only better. Our deputies & local police never suffer holster wear again. Our Non gaming Airsoft customers can really be the torture test for the training units. The out-of-box Asian finish is gone within 2 months or sooner. With the properly prepared metal the training units never come back for a refinish.

If you go as far as getting a finish blaster and good sprayers go to the 'Mart" and get a "B&D" counter top oven and temp gauge for your Dura Coat ONLY! Don't cook hotdogs or cupcakes in it and use for Dura Coat too. The cooking oils from the food will not be good for your new finish baking on your project and your cupcakes will taste like epoxy. For full barrels get a propane expert and a welder to make you a barrel baker. It is worth it. Finally, for the custom poly/steel weapons if the lower poly receiver needs a Camo finish or color change you will need the non "Shake & Bake" home spray kit. They work great!!! just follow the instructions and adjust your thinking for the poly lower frame work on the prep. Have fun and enjoy the best finish out there.
Good stuff (4/5) Dec 12, 2012 mickey temple te US
  The paint itself is great, dries even without baking. Cleaned item and sprayed, stuck in oven and its ready to go! Hard as a rock...
Downside: The company needs a new spray can design, it does not come out very even, causing one to apply too thick (splotchy spray). Also, lower shipping costs! $15 to mail a small can?
Other than that it looks pretty nice, and I've been happy thus far.
Thanks guys!
Take your time (5/5) Sep 7, 2014 Phil Marrin San Antonio Te US
  Take your time when learning to use the kit. On my first attempt, I tried to go too fast and sprayed to close. I ended up with a rough bumpy finish (not pretty). I wet sanded my receiver down and started over. This time I stayed 12 - 16 inches away and made single / smooth passes. I then let it set for 15 - 20 mjnutes in the sun between each coat. Since I exposed some bare metal when sanding the receiver back down, I had to make more passes than probably would have been necessary otherwise. Wanting to be extra careful so not to repeat my first attempt, I spent probably 2 hours making light coats until I thought everything was covered. I then hung it in the sun while my wife finished dinner (after all, I needed the oven). Since most electric stoves heat from the bottom element (unless on broil), I used a small piece of metal wire hanger to hang the receiver from the top element and baked it for about 22 - 25 minutes @ 350 (wanted to be sure it was done). I then turned the stove off and let the stove and receiver cool down on its own. When I pulled it out later, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. While it might not be absolutely perfect, it looks pretty darn good. I will being doing the slide off one of my Glocks next. When you order a Shake & Bake kit, order an extra 16 oz can of the TruStrip. You use a lot more of the cleaner / prep solution than the coating itself (you need to remove all oils / lubricants from the metal before attempting to coat). Have fun and thanks for reading my review.
Owner DSSTactical (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 Sheri Rogers Rio Rancho NM US
  This works well when we do not have time to send our blades out to get coated. We have had 0 complaints
Durabake (3/5) Dec 13, 2012 Simon J. Foret State Line MS US
  I used it on an old Ruger Blackhawk, after I sprayed and baked the weapon it looked fantastic, until the next day when me and my 2 young sons fired it 36 times the finish burned off at the front of the side wall of the cylinder where the gas ring leak burned the durabak off in half moons, now I need to find a more heat resistant finish for the cylinder! I think it would be great on semi autos, I may get some pink to do my wife's Beretta, she would love that!
Matte Black (5/5) Sep 14, 2014 Steven Donahue Coulterville Ca US
  Outstanding,Outstanding,Outstanding. I received your product and followed the instructions and baked for 15 minutes and then sprayed again and baked. My lower AR's look like professional finishes.
Product Quality (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Tom Brinson New Bern NC US
  While I give this product, overall, a high rating there is a problem with the quality of the spray tips on the aerosol cans. On a double order I only had one tip that would spray on four cans. Neither of the paint can tips would spray and only one of the degreaser cans would spray. I used the one good tip on all four cans. The procedure is easy to follow and the results are as advertised.
works awesome (5/5) Feb 6, 2016 Tommy Kaminaka Long Beach Ca US
  I Bought Duracoat Shake N Bake to coat and protect my Remington 870. I used WW2 OD Green and left the furniture Blk and I have to say it looks awesome. I sand blasted the parts then Proceeded as instructed and it worked out great, I am really happy with the results. Oh and it wont stink you out your house!

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