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Duracoat works! (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 Daniel Lambert Columbus OH US
  When I decided to throw mega bucks at my 20-year old AR to make it into a credible long-range rifle, I bought a Duracoat kit in matte black. Using it is a lot like painting a car: you have prep and you have paint. ... and the end result reflects the prep. I spent a total of about 5 hours masking and spraying and unmasking and spraying and I got two teeny and insignificant runs. Those were my fault; I got them because it was closing in on midnight and I wanted to go to bed!

I wasn't in a hurry to reassemble the rifle, but did within a few days. I have tried to use a fingernail to scratch the finish and it can't be done. Since I'm not preforming durability tests, I hesitate to use a nail or rock or some-such, but I'm confident in the durability of the finish. I really liked the result I got and would assuredly buy another kit. Note that masking is critical as this paint has discernable thickness. Don't spray it into your mag well or into pin holes and such; you will not be pleased. I got a slight bit of overspray in the leading edge of my mag well, and I noticed the added material when I inserted a magazine.

BTW, the small amount of catalyzed Duracoat that I had left in the bottle hardened, and rubberized. Having familiarity with epoxy paints such as DuPont's Imron, it is very similar. The result is kinda like a soft hockey puck. I know the durability of Imron and I'm quite confident the Duracoat is at least that good. I'm happy I tried this stuff out!
OD Green Kit (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 Shayne Zroback joint base lewis mcchord Wa US
  I decided to paint my AK magazines to match my AK. I bought the kit online and when it arrived i was ready to go. Following the instructions in the kit, I found everything easy to understand! The kit had everything I needed and I was able to paint the magazines with ease. I do not consider myself as a handy man, but this kit made it easy and I would highly recommend it to everyone!
Shake N Spray Kit Is The Ticket! (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 Carl Elzey Los Angeles Ca US
  The shake N Spray Kit from DuraCoat is simply awesome! Had an old rifle I wanted to improve, and decided to try the Shake N Spray Kit on a whim. The instructions are straightfoward and the kit is easy to use. Each kit will cover 2 to 4 firearms, depending on size, so there was enough to do the rifle, a large knife, and several tools.
If you are looking for an easy way to put a good looking and durable finish on your gun ( or just about anything else), then Shake N Spray from DuraCoat is the ticket!
COL (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 Charles McCormick Red House WV US
  Very easy to use, quick and accurate. It makes applying the product very simple.
Brown grendel (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 Frederick W Foster 468 bk rd. Clareion pa PA US
  Really easy to use great finish I will be a return customer I have several weapons I will be refinishing as time goes by.
Nolan (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 Harry N. Lutz FL US
  Kit is easy to use. Bought a few of the shake and spray kits before I picked up my airbrush. Shipping is fast. Usually between 3 to 5 days after my order I have received my product b
Shake and spray (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 David mccain Trenton Oh US
  My first time using your product was the goddess purple for my daughters ar build. I tested it on a scrap piece to see how good it was gonna hold up, and to practice. I was impressed with your product. I dropped it a few time to test it and i also took various tools to it to scratch it. It held up better than I could have imagined. Enough that I will never worry about it failing me. In fact I will be ordering some desert tan soon for a new build of my own. Thanks for a great product.
Dcrazeddog (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 Dcrazeddog Ca US
  Great and easy to use. The finished product (My Saiga 12) came out great. I highly recommend using gloves when mixing and spraying. Also, don't mix the paint with the sprayer lid on. I had the black hand of death for a week.
Shake N Spray review (4/5) Dec 12, 2012 Ian Hutchison boise ID US
  Rifle turned out great! Only problem I had was on the sprayer. Where the bottle and sprayer connect was leaking air, which in turn lost spray pressure. After a few wraps of gorilla tape, it worked well enough to get the job done.
MOSIN NAGANT RETRO (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 CHARLIE Palm Beach Gardens FL US
  used your product on one of my Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles.. med. grey color ; came out very nice flat durable finish.
kit was easy to use. had enough for 3-4 coats.. had enough to even do a knife. GREAT PRODUCT

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