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shake n spray kit (5/5) Feb 22, 2014 dan constantinescu van nuys ca US
  Very easy to do it yourself love the product I haven't shoot my rifle still waiting for the drying process to cure but over all it came out like a new so I wood recommend it to a friend but the still I have not shoot it to see how it holds up I think it will doo goog is v erry solid and lets seer
Tremendous results! (5/5) Feb 17, 2014 Evan Milwaukee WI US
  Used this DuraCoat product to color code the baseplates on some ASC 6.8 SPC stainless steel mags to visually differentiate them from my .223 mags.

All I can say is WOW! The Shake N Spray kit is very easy to use, and the results are simply outstanding. I highly recommend this product.
Very good (5/5) Feb 15, 2014 Blong Y Wausau Wi US
  The spray kit was easy to use and the shipping time was outstanding. I received my order faster than expected which was exciting. I ordered two kits and my first kit came in leaking, the bottle spilled a bit during shipping, but still had enough paint to finish the job, I did order a second kit a few days later because I wanted to sand down my mistakes and paint over. My project turned out very well and I am pleased.
Awesome product! (5/5) Feb 13, 2014 Dan Parrott Colville WA US
  Super easy to use and turned out fantastic! I would defenitly recommend this product to anyone wanting an easy route to get a great finish. Just degrease, do a little sanding or sand blasting, tape off what you want to protect, spray, and let it dry. The results, top notch professional looking finish that will never rust and will stand up to just about anything you throw at it. Thanks for such a great product!
owner Fredell Precision (5/5) Feb 8, 2014 Stephen W Fredell Vale NC US
  Easy to use, and a great product, applicator is messy.
Final results are fantastic.
shake and spray (5/5) Feb 1, 2014 steve edwards summerville ga US
  great product,easy to use,great finish,will be getting some more of it soon.
Love this stuff so far (5/5) Jan 20, 2014 Chads gun cleaning Falls Creek Pa
  For a first - timer I made some rookie mistakes along the way, but the product itself is awesome. - I had some runs (my fault) and they sanded right out the next day and the next coat went on great. Patience is a must, and keep calm if you screw up, mistakes can be outright wiped off while wet or sanded once dry. Also keep in mind how tight your pieces fit together. If they are real tight, don't force them. I scratched mine fighting with it. The instructions say that it can be re-assembled after 24 hours, which yes, the stuff is ready to handle but my pieces fit too tight. Going to sand the spots and throw another coat on it, then let it sit for the full cure time. So far the stuff seems durable and mistakes can be fixed.
easy (5/5) Jan 11, 2014 Lewis Whitsitt Aurora Co US
  This is the easy way to finish. Am totally satisfied with the results. I would say anyone can use this product.
Best, easy to use kit on the market!!! (5/5) Jan 5, 2014 Charlie Rosenthal Big Timber Mo US
  Easy to use, and with a little careful prep, great results. Remember, a clean, well prepped rifle is key to success.
Shake and Spray (5/5) Jan 4, 2014 Scott Brothers Estill Springs Tn US
  Great! I plan to order more...

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