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Glock31 (5/5) May 14, 2013 Fireman442000 OK US
  I used the shake and spray dark earth kit on my Glock31 frame and it Rocks!!. I was happy to see it looks like it came from Glock that color.
So Easy Even A Rookie Can Do It (5/5) May 12, 2013 Stuart Gary Fred Te US
  I have a stainless barrel on one of my rifles that I wanted to darken up a bit, so I did a little research and found this firearm coating system. It just doesn't get any easier and the results look like it was done at a shop. I hated to waste the left over coating from the one barrel, so I planned ahead and prepped a few other items to coat.

Prepping your items to be coated, having good lighting, ventilation, and a bench or table to hold your items while you spray, are the important lessons that I learned from my first use. I strung my barrel from a wire like someone else did in an online video, and that worked well for me. I did experience a few runs in the coating as I was spraying, but I gently touched up the run and resprayed the area once it was dry with beautiful results.

Taking your time and allowing each coat to dry first before applying the next coat will alleviate the runs. Like I said, its so easy, even a rookie can do it.
Chorizo (5/5) Apr 26, 2013 Mitchell A. Jaurena Meridian Id US
  I just painted a stainless steel Ruger 77 with an aluminum Leupold scope. Prep for the painting is easy enough and the kit is so easy to use it is almost foolproof. At a price that truly makes it a use it and dump it kit, there is no clean-up and no fuss. Very impressed with the ease of use and the quality of the paint job.
German Flectarn Black (5/5) Apr 13, 2013 James A. Chesapeake VA US
  Just as described, a superdark purple-black. I sprayed my Yugo SKS and ATI Dragonov stock with it. Looks super and I'm sure it will last. Be patient and follow the instructions, it will turn out great.
Shotgun (4/5) Apr 11, 2013 Henry Bergeron Centerville Lo US
  Very easy, The prep of the gun took up the most time. Had a run to start off, but sprayed some degreaser on a rag and wiped it off, plenty paint to make up for the error. The finish is very hard. Made an old gun look new.
awsome (5/5) Mar 30, 2013 thomas canady lebanon tn US
  This stuff is BADA$$!!! easy to use, and looks amazing!
pretty good (4/5) Mar 29, 2013 Adam Birdsong Tucson AZ US
  Finished using the Shake 'n Spray kit Tactical Foliage Green on my Rem 870. Make sure to practice a few passes on something else to get the hang of the sprayer. It worked pretty well but there were a few issues with the sprayer not being consistent. It seemed to even out upon drying. I would recommend just buying the paint and getting an Airbrush for a more consistent spray. Besides one run, my fault, it looks pretty good. The color was a few shades lighter than shown on the website being more of a light-grey than greenish. The kit came with every thing needed but you need to purchase reducer if you want to reuse the sprayer. there was probably enough to do 2 Shotgun receivers and barrels. I did about 5 coats and a fiberglass rake and still have a little left. Over all a good product.
sonny mullins (5/5) Mar 28, 2013 sonny mullins sherwood ar US
  this was my first time to use this product, but it was very easy to apply,thumbs up.
shake n spray kit (4/5) Mar 23, 2013 Joshua Deyak Lakeville MA US
  i was impressed with it, colors came out great, simple instructions, would be nice for smaller doses bought some desert warrior tan and only used 25% of the bottle so it was kinda a waist but besides that awesome product
SHAKE N SPRAY (5/5) Mar 18, 2013 DRM53 Pompano Beach FL US
  I love tinkering with my guns. Thia was my first attempt at refinishing. All I can say is WOW. Just followed the directions and achieved a perfect finish! My Ballaster-Molina will now live another 60 years, at least! Can't wait for my next project!

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