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Ryan H. (5/5) Nov 13, 2013 Ryan Hepp sylacauga al US
  Great product. Easy to use. Ships fast. I urge you to watch instructional videos before you order to be sure you are capable. I'm not a good spray painter at all but I managed to do okay. I did 2 pistols and a shot gun. I let them sit for a few days prior to reasseambly. I am happy with the duracoat although my skills have A LOT of room for improvement. If your uncertain of your ability I recomend getting cheap spraypaint & practicing on somthing else with similar material as your firearm and getting a feel for it before you attempt using duracoat on your firearms.
Blue Titanium (5/5) Oct 19, 2013 Paul S. Tacama Wa US
  Easy to use and makes your firarm look new. Just finished a 1949 Marlin 336.
First time using product (5/5) Nov 29, 2015 Keith Tampa FL US
  It went on without any problem. I had very little experience with spray on finish. Best suggestion I can give is to spray a thin coat at first to prevent running, let dry a bit and add a bit to complete the coverage.

After baking, the finish is amazing. Hard, smooth and very professional in appearance. Looks like it came from the factory! I am totally satisfied with this and look forward to using it again.
Shake and spray (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 David mccain Trenton Oh US
  My first time using your product was the goddess purple for my daughters ar build. I tested it on a scrap piece to see how good it was gonna hold up, and to practice. I was impressed with your product. I dropped it a few time to test it and i also took various tools to it to scratch it. It held up better than I could have imagined. Enough that I will never worry about it failing me. In fact I will be ordering some desert tan soon for a new build of my own. Thanks for a great product.
Excellent (5/5) Sep 25, 2013 Zach Foltz Tucson Ar US
  I had an old Remingotn 870. My first gun. I had to replace several parts, including the barrel. The finish was marred and ugly, and the replacement barrel I installed was a completely different color. So I decided to look around for an alternative finish for my beloved scattergun. I ended up here, at Duracoat's website. I wasn't looking to spend gobs of money on a finish, but I did want the utmost quality. This shake 'N spray kit was exactly what I was looking for. The shipping was quick, and the application was easy and took little time. It is easy to apply and s very durable, and very pleasing to the eye. Now my 870 is back to it's old beautiful glory, and I couldn't be happier.
pretty good (4/5) Mar 29, 2013 Adam Birdsong Tucson AZ US
  Finished using the Shake 'n Spray kit Tactical Foliage Green on my Rem 870. Make sure to practice a few passes on something else to get the hang of the sprayer. It worked pretty well but there were a few issues with the sprayer not being consistent. It seemed to even out upon drying. I would recommend just buying the paint and getting an Airbrush for a more consistent spray. Besides one run, my fault, it looks pretty good. The color was a few shades lighter than shown on the website being more of a light-grey than greenish. The kit came with every thing needed but you need to purchase reducer if you want to reuse the sprayer. there was probably enough to do 2 Shotgun receivers and barrels. I did about 5 coats and a fiberglass rake and still have a little left. Over all a good product.
Great stuff! (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Big hoss Turlock CA US
  I did two of my guns with one gloss black spray kit and both turned out beautiful! Super easy to use and with a 24hr drying time my guns were back together and at the range the next day. I'm going to buy more colors and really get custom on my next project!
owner Fredell Precision (5/5) Feb 8, 2014 Stephen W Fredell Vale NC US
  Easy to use, and a great product, applicator is messy.
Final results are fantastic.
Great product (5/5) Dec 24, 2013 Paul iliff Vallejo Ca US
  I used the spray kit on an old remington model 721 it was rusted pretty good i sand the rust off and sprayed the gun with gloss black and the gun looks brand new. It was super easy to use the paint goes on really well. I am using this product on another gun as well. I like it so much
shake n spray kit (5/5) Feb 22, 2014 dan constantinescu van nuys ca US
  Very easy to do it yourself love the product I haven't shoot my rifle still waiting for the drying process to cure but over all it came out like a new so I wood recommend it to a friend but the still I have not shoot it to see how it holds up I think it will doo goog is v erry solid and lets seer

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