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JEA! (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Rich M. Fl US
  I bought this kit, the ultra flat tactical od green kit. once the setup is done by mixing the paint and hardener this is super simple just point and spray just like a can of spray paint and then you're done. the only downtime to any kind of duracoat is the curing period of 30 days, it drys in 24 hours but for the paint to bond with the metal it takes 30 days. if you just painted you gun, you know you'll want to go and shoot it lol.
Easy (4/5) Dec 13, 2012 Mark Smith Pawleys Island SC US
  Very easy to use and apply, just follow the instructions. Durable finish, I have a few scratches but its been a hard season with a ton of activity. The only criticism I have is that the color I thought I was getting is not as dark as it looks on the computer screen. I would love to have the ability to get actual color samples to compare.
shakenspray (3/5) Dec 13, 2012 todd oewns montgomery al US
  Duracoat is an excellent product. Descriptions are correct. Durable, scratch resistant, chemical and cleaner resistant. Shake and spray kit, my opinion, 66 % chance the spray part will not work correctly. I bought and used my first kit and it was flawless. The next two spray kits, did not function correctly. I suggest using an airbrush. Yes you will have a little more money into your first project, but worth the hassle of a poor shake and spray backyard job.
Great stuff! (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Big hoss Turlock CA US
  I did two of my guns with one gloss black spray kit and both turned out beautiful! Super easy to use and with a 24hr drying time my guns were back together and at the range the next day. I'm going to buy more colors and really get custom on my next project!
Great Stuff (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Craig Wilson Breckenridge Mi US
  I bought two of these kits to start with. I had two Benelli Nova shotguns get damaged by smoke in a fire at my house. The metal and composite finish looked ruined. A gun Smith said they were totaled as far as value. A couple of friends and I broke the guns down and thoroughly cleaned them. Then we wiped the surfaces down with the surface cleaner that came with the kit. Then we carefully sprayed the Dura coat finish on the disassembled guns. After the drying and curing period I reassembled the guns. The looked brand new. My friends thought I had bought new ones. I have since ordered more Dura Coat Shake N Spray kits. My buddies and I plan to bring a couple old marsh warriors back to life. I plan to try it on some other metal outdoor gear that has rusted, and needs refinishing. By the way 1 kit refinished 2 complete (composite stocks and barrels) shotguns. So you might want to have a couple projects lined up. Even if you don't the price makes it very worth while. The gun smith I use charges $125.00 to Dura Coat a firearm. So the cost of the kit is well worth it.
Great for one project (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Matthew Omaha Ne US
  This is great for one project. Follow the instruction to the letter, but wait 10 minutes in between coats and wait 48 hours before you put it back together. Hold the can upright to avoid paint spurting out the air hole in the jar. I lays nicely in the engravings and protects very, very well. I used the matte black DuraCoat and it matched my matte black scope from Bushnell exactly.
MOSIN NAGANT RETRO (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 CHARLIE Palm Beach Gardens FL US
  used your product on one of my Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles.. med. grey color ; came out very nice flat durable finish.
kit was easy to use. had enough for 3-4 coats.. had enough to even do a knife. GREAT PRODUCT
Shake N Spray review (4/5) Dec 12, 2012 Ian Hutchison boise ID US
  Rifle turned out great! Only problem I had was on the sprayer. Where the bottle and sprayer connect was leaking air, which in turn lost spray pressure. After a few wraps of gorilla tape, it worked well enough to get the job done.
Dcrazeddog (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 Dcrazeddog Ca US
  Great and easy to use. The finished product (My Saiga 12) came out great. I highly recommend using gloves when mixing and spraying. Also, don't mix the paint with the sprayer lid on. I had the black hand of death for a week.
Shake and spray (5/5) Dec 12, 2012 David mccain Trenton Oh US
  My first time using your product was the goddess purple for my daughters ar build. I tested it on a scrap piece to see how good it was gonna hold up, and to practice. I was impressed with your product. I dropped it a few time to test it and i also took various tools to it to scratch it. It held up better than I could have imagined. Enough that I will never worry about it failing me. In fact I will be ordering some desert tan soon for a new build of my own. Thanks for a great product.

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