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Best, easy to use kit on the market!!! (5/5) Jan 5, 2014 Charlie Rosenthal Big Timber Mo US
  Easy to use, and with a little careful prep, great results. Remember, a clean, well prepped rifle is key to success.
Easy great kit (5/5) Dec 22, 2012 Chris Gordon Louisville Ke US
  Goes on we'll and LASTS! Put this product on an old revolver for a Christmas present last year. Went on great with no problems and still look GREAT after heavy use. Would recommend to anyone.
notitle (5/5) Sep 26, 2015 Chris R. Hughes Elizabethton TN US
  Excellent product! Product was exactly as advertised. I am very pleased with the result on my bolt action rifle's synthetic stock.
Great results (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 ChrisCollinsworth Macomb Ok US
  Never used this before, but would not use anything else. It was simple to use just follow the directions and it's done. Easy to cover your fire arm and the color is great. Would recomend it to others. Great product..
Worked great! (5/5) Jun 12, 2013 Christopher Smith Chadds Ford PA US
  I used this to refinish a Judge Public Defender Poly in Blackhawk Coyote Tan. Was pleased with the results for the first time out I did a respectable job. Would recommend to anyone willing to give it a try.
first time (5/5) Aug 3, 2013 Clair Anderson Bellingham Mi US
  Used it to redo a 870 express youth model, very pleased. Gave it 4 light coats to avoid runs turned out great. Could have done another with what was left over. Will use again!
Excellent Product (5/5) Apr 5, 2016 Clive Pace Henderson NV US
  It is truly pleasing to come across a company that not only makes the product in USA, but also delivers exactly what it says in the promotional and instruction material.
As a first time user, I was both excited and terrified to start - According to the web site, once you let Duracoat harden, it is next to impossible to remove, so One needs be sure to get it right the first time.
Following instructions exactly (but reducing amounts so as to get a somewhat matte finish and not to use it all up on just one weapon), this was a breeze and came out exactly as desired. I couldn't be happier!
I did stray a tad in trying to get the masking 'glue' off and used alcohol rather than mineral spirits (of which I had none) and discovered that alcohol will mar the finish even fourteen hours after application. Luckily, I tried this on an area which would be covered by the grips, so it was of little consequence (and I buffed that up a couple of days later anyway). Stick with the instructions... Use mineral spirits!
Not surprisingly, once assembled, I placed the weapon in a lovely cushioned container and will not play with it until full cure time has elapsed (the instructions tell me that it takes 30 days to fully cure... I am a believer in their instructions! :-)
All in all, I can only praise the product, the instructions and the result (not to mention that it was delivered super-quick too).
Many thanks to all those that work so hard bringing this to market - A job well done and a superb product.
Thanks again.
Clive Pace
Great Stuff (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Craig Wilson Breckenridge Mi US
  I bought two of these kits to start with. I had two Benelli Nova shotguns get damaged by smoke in a fire at my house. The metal and composite finish looked ruined. A gun Smith said they were totaled as far as value. A couple of friends and I broke the guns down and thoroughly cleaned them. Then we wiped the surfaces down with the surface cleaner that came with the kit. Then we carefully sprayed the Dura coat finish on the disassembled guns. After the drying and curing period I reassembled the guns. The looked brand new. My friends thought I had bought new ones. I have since ordered more Dura Coat Shake N Spray kits. My buddies and I plan to bring a couple old marsh warriors back to life. I plan to try it on some other metal outdoor gear that has rusted, and needs refinishing. By the way 1 kit refinished 2 complete (composite stocks and barrels) shotguns. So you might want to have a couple projects lined up. Even if you don't the price makes it very worth while. The gun smith I use charges $125.00 to Dura Coat a firearm. So the cost of the kit is well worth it.
Awesome product (5/5) Oct 12, 2013 CTR Liquid Art LLC US
  Great product overall sprays very well coat and dries nice and cures just in time for hydro dipping
Police Officer (5/5) Mar 31, 2014 Dan St. John In US
  First time user, very easy to use and apply. I made a mistake because of bad lighting and got a run in the paint, My fault. I called customer service and they advised me the best way to correct, very friendly people. I will buy again, this stuff has a very strong odor so make sure you wear a mask and paint in a well ventilated area.

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