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shake n spray review (5/5) Mar 16, 2013 daniel rose cookeville te US
  i love the shake n spray kits! i'v bought two so far. the first was in colt gray and i refinished an m1911 .45 and an egyptian helwan 9mm. they came out so good i decided to order again and was amazed at the amount of guns i could refinish with just one kit! the second was in combat green and following the instructions i applied three coats to each gun and refinished an m1 garand, a shotgun, a mosin nagant m9130 rifle, a romanian ak47 and a ttc tokarev pistol as well as a garand bayonet all with just one kit!!! they all came out beautiful!!! i'll definately be buying more!
Worked but not enough. (2/5) Aug 22, 2015 Justin Paetow Coopers mills ma US
  worked ok. barely enough in a can to coat a single firearm sufficiently. but otherwise worked fine.
Mr. salary (2/5) Sep 28, 2013 Hubert Salary Corona CA US
  The spray nozzle is not efficient. It is difficult to control the speed and amount of paint that comes out. This results in runs and uneven spray patterns. The quality of the product is excellent (paint) but the tool used to deliver it is crap. Next time I will buy a decent air brush sprayer.
Great product (5/5) Aug 5, 2013 M Gutz Covina CA US
  Wow. Easy to use. Great results. I couldn't be happier. Thanks
Love this stuff (5/5) Jun 28, 2014 Trace Henley Crystal springs Mi US
  Very easy to apply. Goes on very evenly with no bubbles or runs
Third time to use it and it never disappoints me.
The prep work is absolutely the most critical step
I always use the entire can of degreaser supplied
With the kit. I let it air dry. Then put on latex surgical
Gloves to do the taping. I'm sure I'll be using more dura coat
In the future.
Shake and spray (5/5) May 20, 2013 Michael Trometer Dallas Te US
  I just sprayed the duracoat Magpul flat dark earth onto my Sig 556 rifle. Sprayed on great and 30 minutes after application it looked great. Still drying in the garage but I will post again later about the finished product. I thought I was going to be able to use one package for about 2 rifles. I only had enough for 1 rifle so I don't know if I used to much so some feed back would be appreciated. If y'all would like photos of the product just ask.
oNgoGsLvLwskxJf (5/5) Mar 11, 2013 Marilia dBekLdpvQbTIJVISJ qa BY
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great coating (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Jimbosskow Dearborn Mi US
  I used dura-coat diamond plate silver with semi gloss finish on two of my guns. A Remington 507 and a Mosin-Nagant 9130.
I got my own quality air brush... I prepared the surfaces according to their manual. The results are excellent. I wish I could show you guys pics. My friends and even random people at the range keep asking me where did I get this paint job?!? Highly recommended.
I had them dry and cure for 30 days. Since I put thru 500 rounds on the Remington 597 and 300 rounds on the Mosin. The paint holds strong... The staff was helpful, answered all my questions within hours.
Remember two things: use quality air brush and prep the surface. You will be happy with the results.
Thank you so much for all the help.
Great Product (5/5) Jun 11, 2016 Nate Miller Dickinson nd US
  Gave my browning A Bolt a new face lift. Totally disassembled and refinished per instructions. Then baked in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes and it turned out great!! If you're looking for a way to refinish your firearm, then this is it!!
Great product (5/5) Dec 13, 2012 Matt Brennan Dover NH US
  Fast, Easy and Durable.
Great product I plan on purchasing more soon.

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